Stephen R. Coar

One of seven children, Stephen Coar was a natural teller of tales from an early age.  Blessed with an active imagination, Stephen loved to take center stage at the family dinner table.  There, he would relate his adventures of the day, even if they were a mixture of reality and fantasy.

Mr. Coar has been a professional writer almost all his life.  He began writing for the school newspapers, and later, had his own weekly newspaper column.

Stephen has been granted multiply gifts, however.  A talented actor and director, he has been involved in various community theaters.  He has served as the outreach director for The Ritz Theater, Inc, which he helped create.  The Ritz has the distinction of being the largest of its kind in Southern New Jersey.  While working with The Ritz, many of his own plays have been produced.

Tragically, Stephen was the victim of a near-fatale car accident which left him with a severe brain injury.  But, today, instead of feeling sorry for himself, he applies his own personal experiences to the characters in The Deadly Track”.  This may make them less than perfect, but they come off as very interesting and very human.  You won’t find James Bond or Gold finger in his books.

Always the champion of other sufferers of Traumatic Brain Injury, Mr. Coar dedicated “The Deadly Track” to them and the healthcare professionals who care for them.  As Stephen related to me in a recent email:

“…I will only mention, not due to ego on my part, but because I’ve dedicated the book to them, that Les Cody’s traumatic brain injury and his epileptic seizures are due to my own experiences.  I’m a TBI victim for the balance of my life…made me feel good knowing my ‘comrades in harm’ would get to read it…”

A member of the National Storytellers League, & The Garden State Storyteller League, today, Mr. Coar is a full-time freelance writer.  His previous work of note is “Seniorella: & Other ‘Assisted’ Fairy Tales”, which is a book of humorous fairy tales.

“The Deadly Track” is Stephens’ first thriller novel.  Here’s hoping it will not be his last.

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