Mike Wells

Mike Wells is an American author, who specializes in suspense, thrillers, paranormal and romance.  He calls his work, “unputdownable” books.

He freely admits that writing fiction is difficult, given the low financial returns.  However, he loves the comments he receives from his many fans, reviewers, and bloggers who appreciate his work.

His first book was entitled “The Founders Medal”.  He also journeyed to California to pursue a brief career as a screenwriter.

An interesting note:  He once became so frustrated with one of his novels (“Wild Child”), that he sent 28 boxes, (200 copies) of the book to the recycle plant.  Someone working at the plant found the book interesting.  The next thing anyone knew, “Wild Child” was selling briskly on Amazon.

Other books he has written include:


  • “The Mysterious Disappearance of Kurt Kramer”
  • “Baby Talk”
  • “The Wrong Side of the Tracks”
  • “Secrets of the Elusive Lover”

Today, Mr. Wells teaches part-time at Oxford University in Creative Writing Program.

You can visit Mike on:


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