Michael Ledwidge

Michael Ledwidge is an Irish American author of thriller novels who currently resides near Hartford, Connecticut.  His parents were Irish immigrants who met in Queens, NY during the 1960’s.  Michael grew up in the Riverdale section of the Bronx, which had a heavy Irish population at the time.  His father was a bridge painter, who helped paint the famous Tappan Zee Bridge.

Influenced by his mother, who was an avid reader, Ledwidge, a book lover, attended Manhattan College and majored in English.  After college, Michael worked as a 5th Avenue doorman, and started his first novel, “The Narrowback”, during this period.

He decided to return to Manhattan College.  He learned from a former college professor that novelist, James Patterson was an alumni.  Upon the professor’s suggestion, Ledwidge sent a copy of the half-finished manuscript to the author, who enjoyed it and forwarded the work to his agent.  The book was published in 1999.

Unfortunately, as often happens, the book received critical praise but little commercial success.  Later, Ledwidge wrote 2 more novels which received the same results.

At Patterson’s suggestion the two authors collaborated.  The result was “Step on a Crack”, the first of the highly successful “Michael Bennett” series which was released in 2005.  The book became a huge critical and commercial success.

Since then, the Patterson/Ledwidge combination has proved to be hugely successful.  Ledwidge has published 9 original hardcover books in 2009 alone which is a remarkable achievement.

In addition to “Step on a Crack”, the “Michael Bennett” series also includes “Run for your Life” (2009), “Worse Case” (2009), “Tick-Tock” (2011), and “I, Michael Bennett” (2012)

Other novels collaborated with Patterson are:  “The Quickie” (2007)” “Dangerous Days of Daniel X” (2008), “Now You See her” (2011), and “Zoo” (2012)

Article source:  Cahir O’ Doherty, Staff Writer, “Irish Central”

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