And what am I reading this time around?

Well, it’s a fast paced action thriller that I’m sure many (if not most) of you have heard of.  Its John Sandford’s latest entitled Mad River.  It’s the 6th of a series about Virgil Flowers, an investigator for and a protégé of The Bureau of Criminal Apprehension’s ace detective, Lucas Davenport.

For those who are unfamiliar with the characters, Lucas is the star of Sandford’s esteemed “Prey” series.  However, he does make cameo appearances in the Virgil Flowers series, although there’s no doubt that the majority of the action revolves around Flowers.

I’m going to save the complete rundown of this murder book until I complete it, which should be in a few days.

I can tell you this, however:  Flowers is dealing with a threesome of murderers, who are as sick as they come.  I call them “the gang of three”.

I will only say that these characters just kill folks simply because they can.  Yes indeed, they really make a wholesome trio.

So be patient, and in the not so distant future, I’ll be giving you a complete review, and my unbiased opinion.

I can’t wait!

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