So, Which Murder Book Am I reading now?

I’m so glad you asked that question.  James Patterson is always a good read and he’s best known for his collaborations with other writers.

A few days ago I started reading I, Michael Bennett which Mr. Patterson co-writes with Michael Ledwidge.  This is the 5th book in a series featuring lead NYPD detective Michael Bennett.

I’m almost done, and I can tell you it is an exciting ride, although the theme is pretty much familiar with most crime thriller fans.  You know, a big-time drug cartel boss with zillions of dollars in off-shore accounts.  He tries to set up shop in the United States.  And he’s an incredibly violent ego maniac.  Nothing you haven’t read before, but it moves along pretty quickly.

Anyway, I’ll be back as soon as I’m finished, which should be in a few days.


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